Staying Safe Around Heavy Machinery
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Staying Safe Around Heavy Machinery

When I started working with my Uncle Bob last summer, I assumed that construction would be an easy, fun way to make a few extra bucks. However, I quickly discovered that construction work was serious business, filled with risks, difficulty, and rewards. After almost being creamed by a few backhoe booms, I learned how to stay out of the way. However, staying safe around heavy machinery isn't always easy to do. My blog talks about how to use machinery properly and what you need to do to stay safe so that you can return home to your family each and every day.


Staying Safe Around Heavy Machinery

Choosing the Best Skid Steer Attachments for Agricultural Land Clearing Projects

Ashley Hayes

Skid steers are incredibly useful and reliable vehicles. They are particularly useful in the agricultural sector. A skid steer can be used to perform a wide variety of functions on a farm, ranch or orchard, and are particularly useful for land clearance operations — but only if they are fitted with the right attachments.

If you have recently come into possession of new land that needs clearing before it can be cultivated, your skid steer can be fitted with a number of attachments that can make removing brush, uprooting trees and mowing overgrown grasses much faster and easier. The following skid steer attachments are ideal for agricultural land clearance operations and can be purchased from any reputable skid steer attachment supplier.

4-in-1 buckets

Unless you are clearing land that is perfectly flat and level, your land clearance project will probably involve a fair amount of excavation and earthmoving. A basic bucket attachment for your skid steer will speed up the process significantly, but you can make the job even easier by investing in a 4-in-1 bucket.

Unlike regular bucket attachments, 4-in-1-buckets are designed to open from beneath and are also fitted with durable dozer blades and scraping tines. This allows them to be used for a wide variety of land clearance tasks besides basic earthmoving, from tearing up ground-level brush to bulldozing saplings. If you have a limited budget to spend on skid steer attachments, a single 4-in-1 bucket can perform a variety of tasks adequately at a very reasonable price.

Mower attachments

Removing ground-level fauna and overgrown grasses can be a particularly difficult and time-consuming task, and investing in a mower attachment for your skid steer can make removing these unwanted plants and weeds much faster and easier. These attachments are many times larger and more powerful than conventional mowers and can be used to trim down grasses and weeds so they can be more easily uprooted or ploughed into your soil.

Augers and post drivers

Once your land has been successfully cleared and cultivated, you will want to fence it off to deter intruders and keep wildlife away from your crops and/or feedstock. Augers, and post drivers, two skid steer attachments, can make fence installation much easier and faster.

Auger attachments resemble large, wide-bladed drills, and can be used to quickly create large holes for fence-post installation. Their unique design means they automatically excavate earth from your newly-drilled hole, saving you a significant amount of time and effort. They are particularly useful if the land you need to clear is relatively hard and impacted.

Once you have used your auger attachment to drill holes for your fence posts, you can use a post driver attachment to install fence posts quickly and easily. These attachments resemble miniaturised versions of industrial piledrivers, and can be used to quickly hammer fence posts into the ground. If you need to fence off a large area of newly-cleared land, augers and post drivers can help you avoid days of back-breaking labour.

To learn more, visit a store that has skid steer attachments for sale