Staying Safe Around Heavy Machinery
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Staying Safe Around Heavy Machinery

When I started working with my Uncle Bob last summer, I assumed that construction would be an easy, fun way to make a few extra bucks. However, I quickly discovered that construction work was serious business, filled with risks, difficulty, and rewards. After almost being creamed by a few backhoe booms, I learned how to stay out of the way. However, staying safe around heavy machinery isn't always easy to do. My blog talks about how to use machinery properly and what you need to do to stay safe so that you can return home to your family each and every day.

Staying Safe Around Heavy Machinery

  • Operated Versus Non-Operated Crane Rentals

    27 September 2021

    Fixed cranes and mobile cranes use a series of wire ropes, chains, and a hoist to lift and lower heavy materials. If an ongoing project will temporarily require the use of a crane, explore operated and non-operated crane rental options. Rental Requirements A company that rents out heavy construction equipment will feature a series of mobile cranes. Fixed cranes are used on permanent sites that will require that materials are moved along the same path each day.

  • 4 Tips To Save Money When Renting Construction Equipment

    15 June 2021

    Renting heavy construction equipment is cheaper than buying. You can access various types of machinery and return them at the end of your project. Renting the machinery also saves you from dealing with equipment insurance, maintenance, and servicing. However, the rental process can still be expensive, especially if you need multiple items. Below are four tips to help you save money when renting construction equipment. Plan the Rental as Needed

  • Is Insulated Concrete Formwork Worth It? 3 Key Benefits

    15 March 2021

    Today, building contractors can enjoy an abundance of construction options that weren't available in the past. However, for those who're yet up-to-date with the latest trends, the availability of numerous alternatives may seem intimidating. One cutting-edge trend in commercial construction is insulated concrete formwork, which offers immense benefits. This post provides more insights into ICF by highlighting three crucial advantages they afford. Energy Efficiency Almost all concrete projects use some kind of form, which creates void spaces similar to wall shapes.

  • What Happens If You Don't Hire A Crane Repair Service Promptly?

    27 August 2020

    Although you might not look forward to having to hire a repair service to come out and repair your cranes, you should contact one of these companies as soon as you notice there is a problem with one of your company's cranes. These are a few examples of things that can happen if you don't hire a crane repair service promptly. Operations Might Have to Cease If your crane doesn't work at all — or if you are too nervous to continue using it because of the condition that it's in — then you will need to cease operations that involve the use of that crane.

  • Choosing the Best Skid Steer Attachments for Agricultural Land Clearing Projects

    18 March 2020

    Skid steers are incredibly useful and reliable vehicles. They are particularly useful in the agricultural sector. A skid steer can be used to perform a wide variety of functions on a farm, ranch or orchard, and are particularly useful for land clearance operations — but only if they are fitted with the right attachments. If you have recently come into possession of new land that needs clearing before it can be cultivated, your skid steer can be fitted with a number of attachments that can make removing brush, uprooting trees and mowing overgrown grasses much faster and easier.